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How to Properly Test a High Current FPGA Power Distribution Network

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The new family of AMD Xilinx Versal AI core and Premium FPGAs push performance to the next level. Although the performance per watt is best in class, the need for higher supply currents, higher current load steps, lower voltages and tighter regulation requirements is even greater.  

Load currents of hundreds of amperes are common, combined with transient load steps that are a high percentage of full load current. The design challenge is to eliminate non linearities and resonances in the power delivery scheme whilst keeping tight tolerances. 

In this webinar the viewer will see how testing real world regulator performance under normal and worst case operating conditions with a LoadSlammer Xilinx Versal AI FFED Test System is the optimal way is to verify power delivery performance. We will review the various tests the FFED solution provides.  Tests including OCP, transient, 3DSweep, Large output Impedance will be reviewed and explained.   


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