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 ProGrAnalog Corp. started as a company in 2014, predicated on reducing the time to market and expense associated with power supply design. Originally focused on chip architecture, and IC IP, ProGrAnalog then moved into the optimization of system design and the associated test methodology.

ProGrAnalog Corp., the home of the LoadSlammer, designs, manufactures, and markets electronic Load Tools. AC and DC load tools specially designed for testing and validating ASIC, CPU, FPGA and GPUs. The primary end markets for the company’s products are server, client-side computing, communications and information processing markets, including data communication and information processing systems; aerospace and military electronics; and automotive, rail and other transportation and industrial applications. 

LoadSlammer, is a niche product in the technology field that can help companies test the power requirements of semiconductors in the products they develop.The LoadSlammer transient load testing tool ensures data integrity and low power consumption. The tool provides power testing through a development kit, as well as OCP retry and hot testing. The test tool has a proven connector system that can quickly evaluate multiple boards.  

This LoadSlammer testing tool is used for DC-DC power supplies, systems, and applications such as CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC/ASSP.

Loadslammer products.png

Heading to market… 

Heading to market with the 3rd generation Active cell (based on the ORAC-Jr controller)  test tools, LoadSlammer is a family of test equipment devices which include; 
Pro’s for solutions greater than 100A, 
Mini Pro’s for up to 100A
ORAC-Jr Brainfor use with active adaptors  (greater than 1000A)  with full thermal emulation. 
    An out of the box ‘plug and play’ solution for use with 
Xilinx FPGA’s

Ensure a safe, effective power supply to your SOC/FPGA 

Loadslammer is the tool for solving the most critical and complex issues associated with power testing. 

Are you using a Xilinx device? 

Take a look at our Xilinx Test Solutions

Are you developing with SOC’s/need a specific issue solved? 

We offer;

  • Off the shelf solutions  

  • Bespoke/ customized solutions 

  • Reusable IP blocks for product development and HAST testing 

  • Test, third part performance reports, design optimization and qualification services.

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